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By August 16, 2018Cat Hair Nightmare

Cat hair everywhere?

Is cat hair a problem for you too?

When I met my husband, I already had my beloved cat, Scratch. Unfortunately for everyone, my husband is horribly allergic to cats.  Although allergic, my husband does understand my love for my cat as not every cat has the big personality Scratch does. We all try our best to cohabitate. The cat is never allowed in the bedroom, so the bedroom stays relatively free of cat hair and dander.  The rest of the apartment is open to everyone, including Scratch.  I have taken to using my trusty Dyson at least once a day to keep ahead of the hair build up on the furniture and surfaces.  I have reupholstered all my furniture in a cat proof fabric (I will elaborate on this wonder fabric in a future post).  It is a fabric that can be cleaned with any cleaning product and can also be directly vacuumed.

I have tried to brush my cat, but find it exhausting and not very effective. Perhaps I am not I am not doing it right.

I tried to vacuum with my large upright model, but it was clumsy and impractical.  However, when I tried with the smaller cordless model, he allowed me to vacuum with no resistance for up to ten seconds.

I was satisfied to vacuum his lower back, the part he is unable to reach when he grooms himself, and had the most buildup of hair.  Over a year I was able to increase the time spent vacuuming his body, to where now, he will even let me vacuum his head!  I so appreciate his cooperation, it keeps his coat clean, and the house from his constantly shedding hair.  I think the beater bar on the Dyson has become more of a massage for him, he is obviously in ecstasy while I vacuum.  Now he chases me around the house while I do my housework, and often is at my feet the minute he hears the clicks of the unit being removed from the charging station.

I am fortunate in that I do not think many cats would tolerate this method of cat hair maintenance.  But who knows?  With patience, you may get your pet to like it the way Scratch does.

Please enjoy this short video I made of my cat enjoying the mechanical grooming my Dyson provides.

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