Yelp Rooftop Party

By August 28, 2018Yelp Rooftop Party

Yelping at the moon!

I was delighted to attend the Yelp Rooftop Party held at Roof at Park South August 27, under a full moon. It was an interesting mix of attendees, a great opportunity to network & get a few questions answered straight from the source.

Given the chance to sit down one on one with Yelp business resource professionals, I have a much greater understanding of how the paradigm works. There are many different ways to approach advertising with Yelp, I discovered plenty of great tools I intend to use in the future. However, it turns out I am second in the Yelp search in Manhattan for upholsterers! Not too bad at all!

Yelp has grown into such a great resource for consumers to narrow their options down based on location & unbiased experiences of other consumers like you & me! It’s been invaluable to those of who are small business people.

Meeting so many varied attendees certainly makes the networking more interesting, one of them being Domenic Romano , it was engaging to cross reference how Yelp is a key player for the law community.

Feel free to drop a review for me on Yelp anytime at all, I love hearing from my customers!,+NY

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