The Trash Whisperer

By September 1, 2018Dumpster Divas, Uncategorized

I’m a confessed Curbside Curator.  A Trash Whisperer.  In fact, a Dumpster Diva.  The best news is, I’m not the only one.  My friend, Tanya, is just as bad, if she’s not worse! We make a great team of Roadside Rescuers, so great in fact, we have begun to record our antics for you to enjoy, and hopefully, you will learn how to restore abandoned & utterly beautiful American classic furniture, it really was built to last.  At the very least, please take a few minutes from your busy day & share in the pleasure of polishing up this wonderful stuff! With a little TLC from us, it can continue to serve us in our homes.

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