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An Upholsterer’s Story

Such a large percentage of initial contacts haven’t an idea what to expect when they reach out to me. This is totally understandable. I thought I’d drop some pointers about what you can expect when approaching an upholstery project.

The fast track to your upholstery answers is to:

Go to my website and send me images!

Photos give me a visual, and an idea of the style and foundation.  I can easily price the project, and offer suggestions, and answer your questions.


When I provide a quote for a project, it never includes the price of fabric.  This allows you the option of either purchasing your own fabric through an outside source or through me.  The fabrics I offer are easily found on my website.  One added bonus, who doesn’t like a bargain, if you prefer to use  a fabric from another major supplier, such as Robert Allen or Kravet, and many other major vendors,  I can order it for you accessing my vendor price.  Either way, I will happily supply you with the yardage required to complete your project. 

I often recommend Bella fabric, as it is ideal for those who’d rather not worry about stains and wear due to pets, kids, or to heavy use. Although natural fabrics are wonderful, indiscernible from natural texture, some synthetic blends are the wiser choice for greater stain resistance.  

When I upholster, unless the piece is brand new, I always strip down to the frame, and build it up from there, addressing any issues it may have.  This essentially offers you a new piece with years of life ahead, and a better built piece than you started with.

As cushions are usually filled with foam, that is included in the quote, however if you prefer to upgrade to an addition of feather down, as these are produced by another craftsman on my team who specializes in feather down, it can almost double the cost of reupholstery.  They are absolutely wonderful and worth the investment, but they are costly.

Projects usually take 3-4 weeks to complete.

Pick up and delivery service is available, and is priced according to your situation.  Fee is determined by factors such as Building Requirements (COI insurance), proximity to my location,  and flights of stairs.

Of course I’m always happy to answer any additional questions you may have by email, it’s tough to catch me on the phone, as I’m often hands deep in my work, or on the run to various worksites. As I work directly with my team of craftsmen, I have a lot of traveling to facilitate their project.

My business model is that I supervise every single detail of your piece, from the first to the last stitch.  I’m with your piece every step of the way.  When I tell you my standards are high, believe me.  I allow no errors, we work at the highest level in the trade.  My pride & personal reputation of my team at stake with each job.  

I’m always honored when a client trusts me with their treasured furniture or the climate of their home, each job is a little piece of me. 

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