No one is fessing up to it, but yet, there it is….let’s work fast on this and make it a memory.

Take a photo & a close up, then email them to: info@beatriceupholsterynyc.com with as much information as available. 

If you’d rather to call me, Beatrice, to discuss (646) 258-1372

It just may be that we can make this damage disappear.

  • Pet damage such as chewed leather, snags & pulls, and claw marks
  • Partial restoration, cigarette burns, slice or pressure cuts, cover and/or insert replacement, ripped seams, frayed edges & pilling
  • Minify appearance of stains (food, wine, wax, etc) spills, ink marks, water & heat rings, etc
  • Swap out of sagging cushions whether down wrap or foam insert
  • Reinforcement & repair of furniture frames 
  • Revival of wood, plastic, marble, and other surfaces

It’s possible to eliminate problems and find ways to get longevity and beauty for your furniture so it can serve you longer.